Alison Foote, Customer Relationship Manager

Alison Foote, Customer Relationship Manager, Tewkesbury, UK
Alison lives in a small village just outside Pershore, Worcestershire, UK. After leaving school she attended North Worcestershire College, where she completed a Bi-lingual Secretarial Course, and is fluent in both French and German. For more than 35 years she has been working in a variety of positions that utilize her linguistic skills for various companies including a German Machine Tool Manufacturer.

In April of 2002, to further utilize her linguistic skills, Alison joined AMAG Technology and is now the Customer Relationship Manager in our UK facility supporting our International Clientele. During her time with the business she played a key role in the transfer of our Guard Control System (GCS) facility from Austria to the UK.

“Working at AMAG Technology has given me the opportunity to expand my skills and work in a variety of different positions over the past 14 years,” Alison said.

The best advice Alison could offer anyone looking to start a new career with AMAG Technology is, “If you are someone who enjoys diversity and a lively challenging environment then AMAG Technology could be for you.”