Jeanne Imbrogno, Vice President, Customer Service

Jeanne Imbrogno, Vice President, Customer Service, Torrance, California

 Jeanne is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but has lived in the Los Angeles area for more than 28 years. She attended the University of Phoenix, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She previously worked as a General Accountant at the Duquesne Club for 10 years.

In November of 1988, Jeanne joined AMAG Technology as a Payroll Clerk. Over the many years she has been with AMAG Technology she has advanced her career through various roles such as; Sales Support Manager, Customer Service Manager, and is now the Vice President of Customer Services, guiding our US and UK Customer Service teams. In 2002 the business went through a significant transformation to a new ERP system, streamlining our customer order entry, stock management, invoicing, and procurement. Jeanne played a key role in this transition, she not only travelled to our office in Tewkesbury to receive training and understand the new process, but she then proceeded to train all staff in Torrance on the new system and processes.

 “I love working at AMAG Technology because the company is always evolving with the industry. It is never stagnant and there is always something new to learn. It is also important to me because security is something everyone needs and by working at AMAG Technology I feel I am doing my part to keep people safe,” Jeanne said.

 The best advice Jeanne could offer anyone looking to start a new career with AMAG Technology is, “If you are someone who is looking for an organization that recognizes and acknowledges exceptional work then AMAG is for you. Working for AMAG Technology isn’t just a job, it’s building a career.”