Jeff LeBlanc, Vice President, Client Services & Quality

Jeff LeBlanc, Vice President, Client Services & Quality, Burlington, Massachusetts

Jeff is originally from Waltham, Massachusetts, but has lived in Clinton, Massachusetts for, 13 years. He attended Worcester State University, where he studied Business Administration. He has been working in the security industry for 23 years and has always had an interest in the security industry due to the variety and range of all the aspects of security. Prior to working for AMAG he was the Sr. Vice President in the Global Technical Security department for Bank of America.

In September of 2010, out of an eagerness to be challenged by delivering satisfaction and working with a broad range of global customers, Jeff joined AMAG Technology and is now the Vice President of Client Services & Quality. In this role, he implemented a new access control administration product for one of our largest customers, Bank of America. He played a key role in the creation of our new visitor management product, Symmetry GUEST, which can be used as a part of our suite of products or stand alone.

“I love working at AMAG Technology because it gives me the ability to engage with a multitude of facets within the organization and also interface with a broad variation of customers. I also enjoy the access we have to the vast range of technology that we work with, both from a security and technology standpoint,” Jeff said.

The best advice Jeff could offer anyone looking to start a new career with AMAG Technology is, “If you are someone who is interested in being immersed in and learn new technology and applications AMAG is the right fit for you. We work with many diverse groups across the organization and bring a passion for our customers and the world class products that we deliver.”