Sal Ruiz, Warehouse Clerk

Sal Ruiz, Warehouse Clerk, Torrance, California

Sal is originally from Mexico City, Mexico, but has lived in Carson, California, for 10 years with his girlfriend. He started his career in a production facility and worked his way up to shipping and receiving. He has a passion for allocating items to their designated locations, cataloging them, and following the highly detail orientated demands that come with the shipping and receiving department.

In March of 1993, Sal joined AMAG Technology as a Warehouse Clerk. In this role, he collaborated with leaders and supervisors to create and implement a streamlined system that is still in place today and allows the department to run smoothly.

“I love working at AMAG Technology because I am surrounded by great people who provide a positive working environment,” Sal said.
The best advice Sal could offer anyone looking to start a new career with AMAG Technology is, “If you are someone who is looking to surround yourself with a pleasant atmosphere and dependable colleagues AMAG Technology could be for you.”