Howard Johnson, Chief Operating Officer

Howard Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Tewkesbury, UK

Howard is originally from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK, and now resides in Pershore, Worcestershire, UK. He attended Huddersfield University where he completed a qualification in Electrical and Electronic Engineering while working via a Technician Apprenticeship at Brook Motors who designed and manufactured AC Electric Motors and Control Gear.

Howard joined AMAG in January of 1984. During the mid-80’s he was able to seize a great opportunity and commission a large number of grocery supermarkets that were opening in the UK. This was a tremendous success and due to the sheer scale of providing security to the grocery industry with their demands gave Howard a good grounding in delivering solutions to tight timescales and complex projects.  Never one to shy away from a challenge Howard rose through the business and is now the Chief Operating Officer for AMAG Technology.

“I love working for AMAG Technology because due to the broad variety of security needs and the global customer base is always diverse in nature. At AMAG Technology there is never a dull moment because as technology advances there are new customers with new needs and we need to provide new solutions,” Howard said.

The best advice Howard could offer anyone looking to start a new career with AMAG Technology is, “If you are someone who is looking for a career, not another job then AMAG Technology could be for you. At AMAG Technology the sky really is the limit, we encourage team effort, working across departments to gain wider experience and helping our staff to reach their potential and get the career they want.”